I have meditated for over twenty years and in some ways have learned more from it than my training as a therapist. That's because meditation has helped me learn how to embrace my own humanity. What it's like to deal with the death of my father or being laid off from a job after fifteen years or facing a catastrophic illness of a child. I've been very blessed to learn from some remarkable teachers in my life...... and I'm grateful. But what has made me a great therapist and a compassionate human being is working on myself as I've faced these challenges. I've learned to face my own Dark Nights and as a result I've gained the ability to sit with others as they face similar difficulties. My experience is there is great power in being able to face, talk about and accept such circumstances and in this process there is also great healing .

Listen to Luke's own meditation audio file here.

The wound is where the light comes in. Rumi

I slept and dreamed that life was joy. I awoke and found that life was service. I acted, and alas service was joy.


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